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Everyone is always talking about downtown.

How to revive it. How to restore it.
How to return it to its former glory.

Solutions are thrown out like bringing in more shops. More apartments. More restaurants. More schools. But the truth is that all of this is already there. The only thing thats missing... Is you.

Downtown is here. Growing. Changing. Evolving. It's the powerhouse of our city and a nerve center of activity. Like the buildings that rose from the fire of 1901. Ours is a new downtown filled with forward thinking. A rekindling of interest in Urban Living - Art Openings, Marathons, Music Festivals, Innovative Restaurants, and Thriving Businesses.

It's all there, burning like a beacon for those bold enough to step into the flame. Downtown IS on fire. But this isn't the fire of our past. It's the fire of our future.

Who we are

Downtown Marketing Collaborative is a group of organizations dedicated to raising awareness on all that Downtown has to offer. From adrenaline-pumping sporting events to five star dining and once-in-a-lifetime entertainment, now more than ever it seems fitting to say, "Downtown is on Fire." Two heads are better than one, and in his case, eleven organizations have come together to create a powerhouse of innovative ideas and marketing initiatives.

As excited as we are about drawing more people to the Downtown area, we don't expect to reinvent the wheel. In truth, these embers have been burning for some time now, and we exist only to stoke the flame. Our city holds a colorful history, bright future, and endless possibilities. At the center of it all is Downtown, where we believe amazing things can happen. Where all it takes is a spark to start a fire.

Interested in becoming a partner in the Downtown Marketing Collaborative? Contact Bill Prescott with Prescott Consulting.

Would you like your venue, event, or online resource to be listed here? Contact Hannah Cleveland with Wingard Creative.